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gemmilee's Journal

7 June 1988
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I'm Alena.

♥ My usernames are gemmilee, gemmi, GeMMi LeE. I KNOW, such variety, right?

♥ b형 18세 소녀

♥ Southern California 1988-present

♥ Pathetic kdrama & 오락프로 addict

♥ 이상형 (외모LOOKS):

♥ 이상형 (성격PERSONALITY):

♥ I acknowledge a lot of my 이상형s contradict themselves but it's hard for me to choose one *DEAD* -.,-v

♥ My favorite musical artist of ALL time is god.
호영데니태우준형계상 영원히 러브러브. 8집 기다릴게요~ 손호영 1집대박!
fanGs unite! Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of us internationally ToT At least on the Internet, anyway.

♥ 꿈은 이루어지라고 있는것이다.

♥ My lj is currently & will probably remain FRIENDS ONLY.
Add me first, & then leave a comment here if you wish to be added ;D

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